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Corsentino Cattle Shares

Our cattle are raised on pasture and irrigated ground that has been certified organic for 20 years. Our herd is grass fed, then finished on home grown corn silage, grass silage, sorghum silage, and rye silage. No pesticides, no hormones. With this 1/4 ration finish, it has yielded a very wonderful tasting beef while maintaining the nutrient benefits of being grass finished!  It’s GOOD!  Just ask our customers!

From Cattle to custom cuts, we own the entire process!

     Variety Beef Share

Premium Roasts, steaks and hamburger.            

Preorder for 25 lbs. of a beef share for $7.50/lb.

     All Ground Beef Share

Preorder 1lb packages of beef share at $5.49/lb.

            Beef Sticks

Can be added on to any beef share order for $8.99/lb.

Whole, Half and Quarter  Beef Shares

$5/lb. Hot hanging weight fill out a cut sheet to customize or just choose our standard cut!

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